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Gajaman Legacy

Gajaman is the most famous and influential cartoon character in Sri Lanka, brought to life by Camillus Perera. Gajaman quickly became a household name with a strong impact on society, regularly recognized as the oldest comic book character in Asia. Gajaman is brought to life by Studio 101, making it Sri Lanka’s first ever 3D animation full length movie and stereoscopic production.

About Studio 101

3D movie, Developed by Studio 101

In an age where change is the new ‘it’ and innovation is the driver of business, it is easy to overlook true innovation and creativity, or the opportunity to grab the next idea which will change the world.

Studio 101 believes that innovation is the reason why a stop sign is red, reason why a yellow crossing on a black tar road pops out, and it is the courage to step forward for a cause.

Studio 101 is difference with a Reason and innovative for a Purpose.